About Pratikprince

Pratik is my name. is my first ever blogging website designed at my free time. My main motive is to learn new things and do new things. All the computer science students can contact me for any type of help related to studies, website making, etc.

How Can I Help Others?

Web Development

Eg. Website making for your perssonal/professional work

Website is the best place for everyone to bring there business. Apart from business purposes, many can have websites for personal uses also. We are ready to build effective website for all. Feel free to contact me for any help/suggestions.

The branch of Computer Science is fully related with HTML, CSS, etc. which should be best learnt by all the students if they have to survive in this world of technologies. Contact me for any of the courses (online/offline both).

Website Platforms

Eg. Working on Codeigniter, WordPress platforms.

When we come to web development, most important aspect is the PLATFORM that we use. Mostly websites are made on either codeigniter or WordPress. Well coaching for both of these platforms can be given by me.

Practice makes perfect

Practice is the key to success. This phrase is very well known by all of us. By practicing the computer courses mentioned above, you can enhance your web development skills. Don’t worry I am there to help you all.

Job after studies

Well to get a job after your course is very important. Let me be very frank with all of you. Only studying and getting the bookish knowledge won’t give you a job my dear friends. I will teach you all the important qualities you should have to get a good job.

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

Just help me with your vision, transforming it into a creative result would be my task. Helping students, business professionals and everyone with my skills is my only motive. Specially students would get a lot of work from this website that how, when and what all to do for the best knowledge of their trade. Contact us for the online/ offline courses.